How We Grade Vinyl

We use the Goldmine Grading Standard for grading the vinyl in our shop. Each vinyl will receive a grade on both the media and the cover and you may see it displayed as “Grade (Media) / Grade (Cover)”. Below is a breakdown of how we determine the grade for each vinyl and the abbreviations.

Mint (M)

Absolute vinyl nirvana. Perfect in every way possible. You will rarely (if ever) see this grade in our shop as we believe that no vinyl is truly perfect. Unless of course, you took it directly from the pressing plant to a temperature-controlled bunker and stored it in a protective casing a la Ocean’s Eleven.

Near Mint (NM)

Shiny, with no visible defects. The vinyl has never been played and will play perfectly. Covers are free of creases, ring wear and seam splits. The same should apply to any posters or extras that accompany the record. A near perfect record. This is the highest grade you will see in our shop, even if the vinyl is still sealed.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

May show slight signs of wear and slight warps that do not affect the listening. Any defects should be minor and cosmetic in nature.

Very Good (VG)

May lack most of the original ‘shine’ of the record and some surface noise may be evident. Groove wear and scratches may also be noticeable. Covers will show marks of human handling and seam splits will be more obvious. This is the lowest grade you will see in our shop and even then, you will find it in the ‘Bargain Bin’.

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